All of our AA meetings follow a similar structure. We have found that this structure works for a wide variety of people and ensures that our meetings remain a positive, supportive, and comfortable space for people to do their healing work.

People often arrive to our meetings a little bit early to settle into the environment. During this time you can help yourself to a cup of coffee, grab a snack, and mingle with the other attendees if you choose to. There is always plenty of space to find a seat.

When it’s time for the meeting to start, the facilitator will announce that it is time to begin the meeting and begin by recommending a topic of discussion. The facilitator will share their knowledge of the topic, and their experience working with the topic and will then welcome other meeting attendees to ask questions, and to share their own experiences. This creates a sense of community, support, and hope through shared experience.

It is important to make sure that meetings start and end on time. We ask that people keep the time limits in mind when sharing their experiences to ensure that everybody gets the chance to talk and share their insights and experiences with the group.

“I have found that the meetings provided at the Alcoholics Anonymous center in Orlando have helped me to grow in ways that I likely wouldn’t have been able to on my own. Sharing this space with people who are passionate about their grown and recovery has been a blessing on my own recovery journey. Thanks to the support that I’ve received in this community of people I have been sober for one year.”
“The people that I have met during my time at the Alcoholics Anonymous center in Orlando have helped me tremendously on my journey. Having the support of people that know what the recovery process is like has helped me to feel less alone on my journey. The meetings are held at convenient times throughout the day, making it easy to get the support that I need before and after work.”
“I had a very normal, healthy upbringing. I never would have thought that id be the kind of person to become an alcoholic. I was wrong. I have been struggling with alcoholism for years now. I was really starting to loose hope in my ability to recover. I had tried quitting on my own in the past and it wasn’t working. After doing some research I discovered the Alcoholics Anonymous center in Orlando. The AA meetings here have really helped me to get my life back on track. I’ve been clean for close to six months now thanks to the support I’ve found in these meetings”
“Attending the meetings at the Alcoholics Anonymous center in Orlando allowed me to access the resources that I needed to connect with a sponsor. The sponsor that I met through attending the AA meetings has really assisted me on my journey to recover. I’m not sure I could have made it this far on my journey without the support I’ve received as a result of attending meetings”
“I’ve been attending meetings at the Alcoholics anonymous center in Orlando for a few years now. In my time attending these meetings I went from just going and listening, to gaining the courage to share my own story with others. I’ve recently started volunteering as a sponsor, and have devoted my life to service. Allowing myself to become involved with the Alcoholics Anonymous center in Orlando is one of the best things I’ve done for myself and my recovery”