At the Alcoholics Anonymous treatment center of Orlando, we offer a wide variety of tools and resources to assist people with recovery. We recognize that all people have different lifestyles and needs, which is why we aim for flexibility with the treatment plans that we have developed for those looking to recover.

Inpatient treatment isn’t always feasible for those that are looking to get better but also have other obligations to attend to. We offer intensive outpatient programs that allow the person in recovery to live at home while receiving their treatment. The person will come in for counseling daily either before or after work. In intensive outpatient programs, medication is often given to people to assist with the detox symptoms, and to make the process safer if their alcoholism has been deemed severe. Those that are in our outpatient programs are welcome to stop by our treatment centers at any time if they feel they are in need of support. We have substance abuse counselors on call 24 hours per day available to those that take part in our treatment programs.

Alcoholism Treatment

For those that are looking for more intensive care, and are able to designate time away from their every day’s lives for recovery, we also have inpatient treatment options. Inpatient treatment is the best option for those who have tried and failed to quit drinking on their own in the past. Inpatient treatment allows people wishing to recovery to remove themselves from toxic environments while they recover. Addicts who are able to remove themselves from problematic environments are more like to make a full recovery than those who continue to subject and expose themselves to situations that have caused issues in the past.

Our inpatient treatment program also allows for continued support throughout the day, which is often needed by those who are recovering from alcoholism that has spanned years. We ensure that those who receive inpatient care are getting the proper nutrients needed to assist the physical body with recovery. Nutrients play a key role when the body is trying to repair itself. Those that have severely abused alcohol often have a lot of damage to repair. In addition to providing nutritious meals, we also offer meditation classes to assist with the recovery process. Meditation class allows those in recovery to replace their alcohol use with a healthy coping mechanism. It also greatly reduces the anxiety and depressive symptoms that are often felt when first giving up alcohol.

Both our inpatient programs and our outpatient programs provide quality care. Both programs will assist the individual in recovery with developing a plan for their future after exiting treatment. Having a plan in place ensures that the individual has a protocol already in their mind to help deal with future alcohol cravings and decreases the likelihood of relapse. If the individual would like, we are also able to set them up with a sponsor after they exit treatment. Having a sponsor after exiting treatment is a great option for those that wish to have continued support.

We also host Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that are open to the general public. You do not have to be receiving treatment at our facility to attend these meetings. These meetings are available for all members of the community to partake in if they are struggling and in need of support. Regular attendance of these meetings has proven to be a great tool for many people and has allowed many people to get to a place in their recovery that they feel comfortable sponsoring others and assisting other struggling addicts on their journeys.